Thank you for being such an important part of the 2018 Florida Storytelling Festival! You were exceedingly professional in every way -- always prepared, always calm, always smiling, and always entertaining.  It was so wonderful to watch the audience fall in love with you.  I have heard really lovely things about your workshops. I am attaching the evaluations so you can see their positive comments firsthand. It continues to be my true pleasure to watch you grow as an artist. I love you, dear friend.

Robin S.

FSA President

Kay, I want to thank you for making me aware of the Storyteller's Festival in Mount Dora.  It was such a pleasure to hear you and the other talented storytellers at the Friday night concert, and your Storytelling 101 presentation was very enlightening.  I have been thinking a lot about storytelling and how it might be a rewarding adventure to pursue a variety of reasons.  I could start with something I'm comfortable with, like stories based on children's books and fairy tales, then see how it goes from there. 

Rebecca S


Kay Pricher has been at Top Drawer Consignments for about 10 years. For her, the best part of working at Top Drawer Consignments is getting to know our wonderful customers and consigners.☺Her and her husband love visiting Montana during the summertime. Kay is also a professional storyteller and has her own website! You can visit it ( ) for her storytelling. She will also be a featured teller at the upcoming 34th Annual Florida Storyteller festival in mount Dora at Lakeside Inn from Thursday, April 12 to Sunday, April 15, 2018! Stop in and see Kay and all of our other amazing employees at #TopDrawer Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm! For more info call Top Drawer Consignments 407-423-7373. topdrawerconsignments

TopDrawer Consignments

Your efficient ways. Your hard-working ways. Your dependable ways. Your professional ways. Your organized ways. The just-because-you're wonderful-you ways. . .These are just some of the reasons you deserve thanks. You were fantastic! Young at Hearters loved you. Your facial expressions, movements and body language were terrific! Thank you!


Young At Heart

We enjoyed you being a part of our Sigma Kappa Christmas!

Mimi S.


Dear Kay, I am thrilled to share the stage with you in "True Confessions." You amaze me onstage and off with your humor, grace and candor. As a storyteller, you've got the audience in the palm of your hand. Kay, you're a gem! Love.



I am so proud to be a friend of a wonderful storyteller! Love.

Ruth J.


Dear Kay, Thank you for inviting us to your most enjoyable storytelling program! We thoroughly enjoyed your stories. Your Mustang story reminded me of my own car "adventures." Congratulations on your successful program! 

Maureen H.


Dear Kay, What a joy to see you grow and bloom over these past few years. You are the storyteller I always knew you would be. Your show was wonderful! Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey. 

Mitchell O.

Project Imagination 

Kay, We will always remember you and 100 Dresses. Thank You! With love and warmth, Nancy, Tricia and all the children of Local Color Art Studio. 


Local Color Art Studio

Dear Kay, What a delight for me and my friend to be in the audience of "your" evening of storytelling! Hope to attend more sessions. Enjoyed immensely. 



Mr. & Mrs. Pricher, Thank you for enriching our day with your wonderful stories. We all enjoyed them very much. The Children have drawn a picture from their favorite story. Thanks again for sharing your time and talents. Love.

Mrs. Morrison & friends


Thank you KK for telling us about the leopard and the zebra!!!


Lakeside Kindergarten, Montana

Thank you for telling us about how the zebra got its stripes and how the leopard got its spots. It was fun to meet you and to hear the stories. 


Lakeside Kindergarten, Montana

Dear Kay, Thank you so much for coming to my school and telling your wonderful stores to our kindergarten students. They were just mesmerized and afterward they were able to remember a lot of details about the tales you told. You are a gift and we really appreciate you sharing it with us. God Bless!

Coleene F.

Lakeside Kindergarten

Dear Mrs. Pricher, Thank you for telling us the story of the hundred dresses. I loved the story. You're a great storyteller. Thank you for telling us not to the bystander. You taught us to be an upstander. Your Friend. 

Tatum H.

Swan River Elementary, Montana

Dear Mrs. Pricher, I had a great time hearing the Hundred Dresses. I learned that bullying can backfire in a bad way. People who are bullies should read this book. You friend.  

Jaden D.

Swan River Elementary, Montana

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